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Guest Blog by New Benefits

If you’ve filled a prescription recently, you were probably shocked by the price tag. U.S. drug prices are on the rise, with some specialty drug prices skyrocketing at extraordinary rates—and healthcare consumers are feeling the squeeze. In fact, drug prices have increased by 33% since 2014, a faster rate than any other healthcare service.

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Dark Skies Ahead

Unfortunately, the storm is just beginning. Not only are medication prices continuing to increase, more than 150 drugs are excluded from insurance coverage, including medications for dermatology, acid reflux, and baldness. While the majority of U.S. adults have insurance coverage to help pay for expensive medications, more than one-third have been told their insurance plan wouldn’t cover a drug prescribed by their doctor. 

The Silver Lining

If insurance doesn’t cover your medication, how likely are you to still fill the prescription? Cost should never get in the way of your health. A prescription discount program helps you weather the storm of expensive drug prices by providing a second option when paying for your prescriptions. You can save on one-off prescriptions at your local pharmacy, or find even deeper savings on long-term medications through home delivery.

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Even if insurance covers your medication, it’s worth comparing prices between insurance and the discount, and even between pharmacies, to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible price. 

A prescription discount program is your umbrella of protection against the dark storms of increasing drug prices. Don’t forget it, and stay dry!

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