PEO for Portfolio Companies

In the fast-paced world of alternative investments, ensuring that your portfolio companies are equipped with the right tools is paramount. As an accredited PEO with significant industry experience, Aspen HR reduces overhead, allowing your portfolio company to run leaner even while increasing EBITDA, providing dedicated HR support, and offering Fortune 500-caliber employee benefits. From crafting custom solutions during a growth phase to ensuring headache-free HR during M&A, Aspen HR is here to help your investment generate value faster and with less risk.

PEO for Venture Capital and Private Equity

Empower your portfolio companies by partnering with a PEO that can offer the HR infrastructure needed to help them grow and scale.

For example, a recent VC-backed client in the fintech sector was overpaying for a costly benefits package that also underdelivered for their employees. Not only were they bleeding money, but they were also carrying significant HR compliance risk.

Our expert team was able to save them over $370,000 annually (all-in) by providing them with a Fortune 500-level benefit offering, all while solving their HR compliance issues and offering dedicated support. Needless to say, both the employees and the company were thrilled with the improved savings and coverage.

Aspen HR has clients in all 50 states and D.C.

White Glove HR for your Portfolio Companies

  • Rapid response, white-glove service model
  • Assistance with asset purchases that require setting up payroll and HR support prior to closing date
  • Our ESAC-accreditation offers your lender secondary lien protection which may lower your cost of borrowing
  • Fortune 100 caliber employee benefit plans at a fraction of the cost
  • Due diligence services complementary for add-on acquisitions — Health insurance, HR compliance review, HR vendors
  • Technology that can scale as you scale
  • Portfolio-level pricing that reflects your entire portfolio (and offers a 35% – 50% discount)
  • HR compliance that mitigates your risk as you enter new states and grow your workforce

Below, we review some of our PEO services for portfolio companies.

Benefits Administration

Navigating the intricacies of benefits can be challenging for portfolio companies especially as they acquire other companies. At Aspen HR, we don’t just curate benefits packages tailored to your unique needs; we also manage the finer details. From addressing queries during open enrollment to overseeing the entire enrollment process, handling invoicing, and resolving any claims issues for both employees and executives, we’ve got you covered. When a client acquires another company, we are here to ensure the transition is smooth and that the employees from the newly acquired company are happy with the new benefits package.

HR Technology

We offer a comprehensive HR technology platform that automates the entire employee lifecycle. Aspen Cloud is a single-database, integrated platform that includes applicant tracking, employee onboarding benefits enrollment, learning and development, performance management, employee portal and a client portal.

Payroll Administration

Portfolio companies often require specialized payroll solutions, given their unique reporting needs and rapid growth. Aspen HR brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your payroll needs are met with precision. Our cutting-edge Aspen Cloud platform streamlines the payroll submission process, allowing teams to monitor status in real-time. While you focus on your core operations, Aspen HR will handle the complexities of payroll processing, tax filing, while ensuring you never miss a deadline.

HR Compliance Support

The ever-evolving landscape of employment laws can be a minefield for portfolio companies that are expanding into new states on a regular basis. This is where Aspen HR steps in. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying abreast of employment regulations across all 50 states. With our PEO services, you can be confident in your compliance with labor laws, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business objectives.


Proven Track Record

$150k worth of cost savings: Life sciences venture fund

Operating across California and North Dakota, a life sciences venture fund was grappling with service issues from their then HR provider, which was a large national firm. They thus needed a new PEO partner that could manage their remote employees, who were scattered across multiple states.

Aspen HR’s white glove service model caught their attention, and the venture fund went on to make the switch. We then developed custom offerings for the firm, with which we proceeded to support their human resource operations.

The subsequent results were remarkable – as we raised their employee satisfaction rate and saved the company over $150k.

Nominated as partner-of-choice post-acquisition: Private equity firm in California

A California-based private equity firm was in the process of acquiring a home infusion company in Texas. During the due diligence phase, though, the buyer expressed concerns regarding potential HR risks on the side of the home infusion entity. It then sought Aspen HR’s expertise to evaluate the risks.

Aspen HR successfully identified multiple issues, including inefficient manual HR processes, invalid non-compete agreements, outdated forms, and job misclassifications. Consequently, the buyer engaged Aspen HR to implement corrective actions post-acquisition, making us the company’s long-term HR partner of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, offers portfolio companies a comprehensive suite of HR services. By partnering with a PEO, portfolio companies can streamline their HR operations, ensure compliance, manage risks, and access competitive benefits. This allows them to focus on core business activities, drive growth, and enhance their operational efficiency.

PE (Private Equity) and VC (Venture Capital) are both forms of investment strategies, but they target different stages of a company’s life cycle. PE typically invests in mature companies, aiming to optimize operations and drive profitability. VC, on the other hand, invests in early-stage companies with high growth potential, often in exchange for equity. While both PE and VC have portfolio companies, the nature and objectives of their investments can differ significantly.

During mergers and acquisitions (M&A), companies face a myriad of challenges, especially in the realm of HR. A PEO can be invaluable during this phase by:

  • Streamlining HR Integration: Simplify the process of merging disparate HR systems, policies, and practices.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that the merged entity remains compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Risk Management: Proactively identify and address potential HR and operational risks that can arise during M&A.

Cost-Efficiency: Optimize HR-related costs, ensuring a smooth transition without unnecessary expenditures.

By leveraging a PEO during M&A, companies can ensure a smoother transition, minimize disruptions, and set the stage for future success.

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