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PEO Referral Partners

Advantages PEOs Offer Your Clients

✓ Optimizing Efficiency and Focus

Working with a PEO like Aspen HR enables businesses to redirect their focus toward core activities that drive growth. By entrusting HR tasks, compliance management, and employee benefits administration to Aspen HR, companies can offload these complex, time-consuming responsibilities and concentrate on their strategic objectives instead.

✓ Cost Savings and Resource Allocation

The financial benefits of engaging a PEO can be significant. Businesses often experience savings on employee benefits, reduced HR overhead, and a more strategic allocation of internal resources. Outsourcing responsibilities to a PEO allows for the optimization of costs while enhancing the quality and scope of HR services, as evidenced by case studies like this, where Aspen HR saved a fintech client over $370k.

✓ Compliance and Risk Management

Navigating compliance with employment laws and regulations can be complicated, and incredibly costly if not done correctly. Thus, it’s no surprise that one of the key advantages of partnering with a PEO is the peace of mind that comes from expert management of compliance. Aspen HR’s expertise in this area reduces the risk and liability for businesses, ensuring that they remain compliant in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

✓ Access to Expertise and Scalability

Businesses benefit from the extensive expertise and resources offered by a PEO. This partnership provides unprecedented scalability, allowing companies to expand their operations without the need to proportionally increase their internal HR staff. Access to Aspen HR’s expertise ensures that businesses can grow confidently, supported by a solid HR foundation that won’t require any additional hires.

Who Should Refer Clients to a PEO?

Health Insurance Brokers
Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Client Benefits

When partnering with a PEO like Aspen, insurance brokers gain a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace, as well as expand their earning potential. Companies with fewer than 100 employees are often unprofitable for insurance brokers making it logical to refer those clients to a PEO.  If you have a client that is in the open market for medical insurance, often a PEO large group master policy can offer better plans and better rates. Additionally, Aspen HR offers an attractive, flat residual revenue share that ensures any commission lost is minimized. Our proficiency in managing complex employee benefits administration and providing swift, reliable support to all client inquiries is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

PEO Brokers
White-Glove Services for an Unparalleled Client Experience

PEO brokers in need of premium, white-glove PEO services can find a perfect match in Aspen HR. At Aspen we have a history of exceeding expectations – no matter how exacting the standard – and the track record to back it up. We offer PEO brokers an attractive, flat residual revenue share backed up by 95%+ client retention which ensures a long-term revenue stream. We also allow our PEO broker partners full access to referral clients and we update our PEO broker partners frequently on any client developments.

P&C Insurance Brokers
Comprehensive Coverage and Compliance Mastery

Our partnerships with P&C insurance brokers augment their offerings by providing comprehensive HR services, including payroll, compliance, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation. This collaboration allows brokers to offer more value to clients, open new revenue streams, and maintain a competitive edge by offering integrated solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses. This is especially true for white-collar industries where workers’ comp premium is negligible and can be significantly offset by the flat, residual referral fee from Aspen HR. The right PEO partnership also plays a critical role in helping minimize liability by ensuring compliance and offering significant administrative relief.

Fractional Executives: CFOs, CHROs
Streamlining HR for Operational Excellence

Aspen HR supports Fractional CFOs and Fractional CHROs by managing tactical HR functions, including the administration of employee benefits, payroll processing, and offering HR compliance support. By handling these day-to-day HR responsibilities, Aspen HR enables Fractional CFOs and CHROs to focus on strategic initiatives and high-level decision-making instead. This is a prime example of a mutually beneficial PEO partnership. Working with a capable PEO like Aspen HR frees up fractional executives from being bogged down in day-to-day operational HR tasks, allowing them to concentrate instead on broader business goals and strategic growth. In turn, their expertise and increased attention can help drive significant gains in business growth and operational efficiency.

Trusted Advisors
Building Synergistic PEO Partnerships for Business Success

For fund administrators, CPAs, attorneys, consultants, and other professional service providers, partnering with a PEO like Aspen HR offers a wide range of benefits. You can cement your status as a trusted advisor by actively referring Aspen HR to your clients who are struggling with benefits administration, HR management, payroll administration, and compliance support. This holistic, integrated approach to managing our clients’ needs streamlines HR operations and allows these professionals to focus on their core services while ensuring their own clients’ HR needs are fully met and comply with relevant laws.

Securing a Future with Aspen HR


No matter your industry, partnering with Aspen HR brings long-term growth, stability, and a competitive edge to any business. Our full suite of services can meet the needs of any business as it evolves, enabling long-term stability while providing immediate solutions.

Looking to expand your earning potential and enhance relationships with clients? Connect with Aspen HR today to explore a PEO partnership that will pay off!