Fractional CHRO Solutions

Providing strategic HR guidance and expert support to help you scale

customized employee benefits plans

Enter Aspen HR

Offering fractional human resources services to growth-oriented companies.

A Fractional CHRO is a senior HR leader who works with you on a flexible basis, providing expert guidance and strategic planning for your HR function.

As an add-on to your existing Aspen HR services, we will deliver the strategic leadership, management, and advice you need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR executive. We become a vital part of your HR function and help you to recruit and retain a winning team through the following services.

Strategic Planning
  • We will examine your long-term growth and design a strategy to attract the right people and implement the right HR processes, and systems to meet your talent demands.
  • Part of this will be understanding the culture you desire to create and to align your team with that culture.
Talent Development

We provide the tools your team needs to reach its highest potential.

  • We assist your talent at every stage of development, from new hire training to leadership coaching and executive advising.
  • We identify skill gaps within your organization and design training plans to fill those gaps.
  • We leverage our LMS (learning management solution) platform to provide training content and create a training plan for your employees.
  • We are also an authorized consultant for Predictive Index which is a leading assessment tool used to align talent with role and identify development needs at the individual and team levels.
Compensation Analysis
  • We help you design and implement a compensation strategy that supports your long-term growth objectives.
  • We will perform compensation benchmarking across your industry and within your company to ensure that you have an intentional compensation strategy that is aligned with your goals as an organization.
  • Our technology platform features a total compensation statement that provides your employees with a complete view of their compensation including employer contributions to insurance, 401k, training, and other items.
Special Projects

You can also hire our fractional HR team for special projects such:

  • We assist your talent at every stage of development, from new hire training to leadership coaching and executive advising.
  • Developing benefit and compensation programs
  • Providing M&A HR due diligence
  • Developing and implementing a HR technology strategy

The Power of Fractional CHRO for Your Business

At Aspen HR, our mission is to help you get the most out of your human capital investment. Our Fractional CHRO services can help you align your HR processes with your vision, values, and culture, and optimize your human capital investment.

Whether you need help with talent development, organizational design, compensation analysis, or special projects, our Fractional CHROs have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our Fractional CHRO services and how they can help you grow and scale your business.