Your White-Glove PEO

We started Aspen HR to create a new kind of PEO experience for clients – to revolutionize the service experience in our industry. We strive to deliver a PEO solution whose value delivered will consistently exceed its cost.

What’s the result? We help you grow by focusing on what you do best and equipping you with the HR expertise and support to hire and retain best-in-class talent.
Our secret sauce? Our highly knowledgeable team, backed by a turn-key cloud-based HR platform provides the optimal PEO solution: white-glove service powered by automated workflows.

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What’s An Aspenite?

Here are the guiding principles that shape and mold us collectively to be Aspenites™

White-Glove Experience

  • We anticipate so you don’t have to ask
  • We understand the personal and time-sensitive nature of our work
  • We view the glass half-full

Executional Excellence

  • We set the bar for our processing accuracy
  • We invest in our team’s expertise and knowledge base
  • We identify the root cause so that we implement systemic change

Collective Commitment

  • We actively support our team and understand how our actions impact others
  • We own our work through completion
  • We do what we say we will do… period

Clients That Trust Us

The world’s leading alternative investment funds, their portfolio companies and entrepreneur-led companies rely on our white-glove PEO solution

We are not a fit for everyone. A PEO experience with Aspen HR is most valued by organizations who place a premium on white-glove service and who are willing to invest in their employees.

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Behind The Name

Nature delivers many lessons, with none more powerful than the story of the Aspen tree.

Board Directors

Rowena Baginski

Robert Raynard, CPA

Midge Seltzer

Mark Sinatra

Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful and ecologically rich, but they also tell an essential story for us and our communities. There is a lot we can learn from them.

In Greek Mythology, the Aspen was seen as a tree of heroes. “Aspis,” the Greek word for Aspen, means “shield.” The Greeks believed it provided protection. Its leaves were used in the crowns of heroes. Though their trunks sway with the wind and bark is too soft to build with, they make the perfect shield: easy to carry because of its lightweight, to protect the bearer from harm.

The Aspen is also the last to burn and the first to repopulate and replenish. They are virtually immortal. They are excellent at adapting. Their strength and resilience are undeniable.

At Aspen HR, the Aspen tree has many symbolic meanings.

They stand in groves, their root system beneath the earth connects and supports one another in the same way we support our clients. Together, they grow, give to one another, and become mighty.

In nature, Aspen trees also bring food and shelter to over 500 species, their bark has extensive medicinal value. They protect and heal those around them, which parallels Aspen HR as we strive every day to protect our clients from the pitfalls of HR compliance and various laws and regulations that could hurt their business.

Aspen trees are certainly profound and we learn from their natural wisdom that together, we are stronger together.

Aspen in Action

Aspen HR identified and corrected risk and became HR partner-of-choice

Private equity firm was under LOI and performing due diligence on a home infusion company. The private equity buyer was concerned with potential HR risk and asked Aspen to evaluate this risk as part of due diligence.

Aspen HR saved venture fund $150k+ and impressed with white-glove service

Life sciences venture fund experienced service issues with their HR provider – a large, national firm, and as a result, the fund was seeking a different HR partner.

Aspen HR saved the day and saved venture fund client close to $100k

Aspen HR saved our venture fund client $95,000 in life premium for their employees, as well as eliminated the physical and financial underwriting process for each employee.


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