A Guide to Hiring During Slowdowns

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While some companies have increased hiring coming out of COVID-19, others are looking to slow down hiring in 2023 until the economic forecast improves. A slowdown provides time to update the company’s image, reorganize recruiter reach out, revise hiring processes, benefits documentation, etc. Doing this now helps ensure you’re ready to hit the hiring gas pedal any time throughout the year. Here’s our guide to what to do now to prepare for hiring in 2023:

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Update the company’s image– The company’s image and vision must be on target with what today’s job candidates desire, such as a diversified, collaborative, and welcoming work environment. It’s essential that your company website and all employment documents, such as the benefits guide, company brochure, and role description, convey the correct message through imagery and text and are welcoming.

Check-in with hiring managers- Managers know which roles are on their radar to fill as soon as upper management gives them the green light. Work with them now to draft the job description, discuss must-have experience requirements, define candidate scoring, and determine where to advertise the position- online job sites, local recruiters, etc.

Check-ins will help you determine which roles to prioritize, such as high turnover, contractor, or tough-to-fill, so you continually work on finding the perfect candidates throughout 2023.

Visit with the finance department- Your finance department can update you on when hiring may start again. They also will determine the salary for the role and provide the spread based on experience. Offer advice and backup documentation on what the competition pays if you feel the salary is too low. Also, share salary trends with the finance team and upper management so they align with your industry.

Diversify future candidate searches– Now is a great time to reach out to your employees and peer groups to ask for their referrals for future roles. Let them know that once you have an open position to fill, you’ll send them the information to share with their network or make an introduction. A warm handoff often helps fill a role more quickly than job site algorithms.

Revise job descriptions- Thoughtful job descriptions help clarify interview questions, are inclusive, relay how employees are evaluated and compensated, whom they report to, and expectations, and illustrate a clear picture of the role. It is important to include the salary range as candidates are less likely to apply for a job that doesn’t list the compensation. Also, include information that today’s candidates seek, such as:

  • Work-life balance
  • Advancement opportunities
  • A positive and compelling work culture
  • The team they’ll work with
  • The manager
  • Benefits such as fertility, adoption, and family leave
  • Substantial benefits for healthcare, 401(k), mental health, health club memberships, and so on
  • On-site childcare or partner rates negotiated through the employer
  • Work-from-home or in-person option determined by the employee

Redeploy internal talent- When slowdowns occur, deploying current employees to fill lateral roles can help other business teams and provide advancement opportunities internally. The deployment must be thoughtfully planned and beneficial to the employees and teams impacted.

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Update employee/HR tools– The perfect time to update your tools is during a hiring slowdown or economic downturn. It provides time to be selective, test, and transition current employees to the new tools. Candidates will appreciate the accessibility to manage their benefits and personal information anytime on any device if mentioned in your job description.

Our team at Aspen HR can help you prepare for hiring by providing you with a dedicated and certified HR, benefits, and payroll team so you can focus more on what matters most.

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