Case Study: Aspen HR client was thrilled to save over $370K annually + get better coverage and support

VC-Backed FinTech Company
30 Employees

A 30-employee VC-backed fintech company was using Gusto for payroll and benefits. As they continued to hire multistate they not only realized how uncompetitive and costly their benefits were, but how much they were slacking when it came to ensuring they were HR compliant.

Our Solution

Aspen HR was able to save them over $370,000 annually (all-in), provide them with a Fortune 500 level benefit offering, handle all their HR compliance needs, AND ensure they had dedicated, certified support for both the company and their employees.

Their investors were thrilled and so were all of their employees once they saw how much better their benefits were, how much more affordable their medical coverage was and how they had ongoing dedicated support.