Austin PEO and
HR Outsourcing Company

Are you looking to grow your team, scale operations and offer competitive benefits? Aspen HR provides comprehensive management of payroll, employee benefits and more with a software first approach. In addition, we employ a team in Austin that are prepared to provide training on health insurance options to employee benefit selections. We handle the nuances of HR and admin for Austin businesses so that you can concentrate on your core operations.

Aspen HR provides local service in Austin, TX via a virtual office.

Aspen HR operates as a Professional Employer Organization in Austin and a licensed PEO in Texas. We understand the importance of effective HR management in driving business success. We provide comprehensive HR solutions that allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

PEO Services Designed for Austin

Austin is an influential hub for growing businesses and startups, especially in life sciences, technology, and manufacturing industries. From our branch location in Austin, we deliver customized PEO services combined with a software platform to automate admin. Our expertise in these sectors, coupled with our local Austin presence, makes Aspen HR an ideal partner for your business.

Navigating the Tech Sector with Austin PEOs

The tech industry is as dynamic as it is thriving. From fierce competition for top talent to a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, tech companies in Austin face a variety of unique challenges.

Partnering with a PEO for the technology industry, like Aspen HR, can make all the difference. We help tech companies attract and retain high-caliber employees, manage their benefits, and stay ahead of legal changes that can impact their operations.

Employer Compliance in Texas

Staying compliant with Texas employment laws can be daunting, especially with recent updates to legislation around worker’s rights and benefits. Our team at Aspen HR stays on the cutting edge of regulatory developments and can help your business navigate them successfully. We ensure your policies are up-to-date and your business remains compliant, giving you peace of mind.

FAQ’s About PEO Services in Austin

As a startup, your focus is on growth and innovation. However, HR tasks like payroll, benefits administration, and compliance can take up a lot of your time. A PEO like Aspen HR handles these tasks for you, freeing up your time to focus on growing your core business. We also bring expertise, resources, and scale that typically only large companies have access to, helping you attract and retain top talent. In short, partnering with a PEO can help your startup scale much more quickly and efficiently.

While both PEOs and staffing firms can help you manage your workforce, they serve different functions. A staffing firm primarily helps businesses find temporary or permanent employees. On the other hand, a PEO provides a full suite of HR services, including payroll, benefits administration, and compliance support. As a PEO, Aspen HR acts as a co-employer, sharing the responsibility for your employees, while you retain control over day-to-day operations and management.

No, a PEO does not fully replace your internal HR team. Instead, we work alongside them, taking over administrative tasks like payroll and benefits administration, and providing expertise in areas like compliance and risk management. This allows your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that can help your business grow. In essence, we’re an extension of your HR team, providing support and resources where you need them most.

Your Business Can Benefit from our Austin PEO Services

Handling the complexities of employment law and the stresses of day-to-day HR duties can pull valuable time and energy away from running your core business. This is where working with a trusted PEO like Aspen HR can help.

We reduce your costs by shouldering the HR workload and managing your payroll, benefits, and compliance needs efficiently. Our services also free up your time, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth. Plus, our local presence offers a comprehensive understanding of Austin’s business landscape, ensuring that your HR coverage remains personalized and responsive.

Aspen HR is more than a PEO provider; we’re a trusted partner committed to the success of our clients. The human resource professionals at our Austin office are ready to support you every step of the way. Want to see how we can transform your operations? Demo our software platform or schedule a sales meeting at your workplace. We look forward to partnering with you to help your Austin startup thrive.


Proven Track Record

$150k worth of cost savings: Life sciences venture fund

Operating across California and North Dakota, a life sciences venture fund was grappling with service issues from their then HR provider, which was a large national firm. They thus needed a new PEO partner that could manage their remote employees, who were scattered across multiple states.

Aspen HR’s white glove service model caught their attention, and the venture fund went on to make the switch. We then developed custom offerings for the firm, with which we proceeded to support their human resource operations.

The subsequent results were remarkable – as we raised their employee satisfaction rate and saved the company over $150k.

Nominated as partner-of-choice post-acquisition: Private equity firm in California

A California-based private equity firm was in the process of acquiring a home infusion company in Texas. During the due diligence phase, though, the buyer expressed concerns regarding potential HR risks on the side of the home infusion entity. It then sought Aspen HR’s expertise to evaluate the risks.

Aspen HR successfully identified multiple issues, including inefficient manual HR processes, invalid non-compete agreements, outdated forms, and job misclassifications. Consequently, the buyer engaged Aspen HR to implement corrective actions post-acquisition, making us the company’s long-term HR partner of choice.