Texas Professional
Employer Organization

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, provides services primarily
to small and medium-sized companies that want to outsource their human
resources functions. PEOs are very important for Texas businesses because
they allow smaller companies to perform essential functions like payroll, HR,
and benefits administration, without adding headcount. Additionally, it’s
important to work with a PEO company that has a strong presence in Texas,
to help ensure the PEO you choose has a solid grasp of TX law.

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Is Texas a PEO state? Yes, it is. PEOs in the state are governed by the Professional Employer Organization Act and must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. As defined by the PEO Act, these organizations provide services through “co-employment relationships,” in which the PEO becomes the employer of a client’s employees to perform services, including hiring, evaluations, payroll, benefits administration, etc.

Benefits of Using a PEO in Texas

A Texas Professional Employer Organization is a great option to make things easier for your small or medium-sized business. If you ask yourself, “How can a PEO help my Texas company?” you’re not alone. Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have a dedicated HR staff. They may make do by having other team members wear multiple hats, juggling duties they aren’t qualified for.

PEO companies in Texas perform vital HR functions such as providing employee benefits packages, handling payroll processing, recruiting, and so much more. This is typically a much better solution than assigning these tasks to an inexperienced and untrained person who has been hired to perform other duties.

Aspen HR Locations in Texas

Access to Employee Benefits

Offering good employee benefits is essential in today’s employment climate. Quality workers seek more than just a paycheck; benefits are a big part of their compensation packages. The significant benefits most employees are looking for include the following:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Not every company has the resources to offer benefits, and smaller companies are typically not able to create benefit packages that are comprehensive or affordable. Benefit packages created and compiled by a PEO will help your company attract talented professionals looking to work with trusted, quality companies in your industry.

Aspen HR can create a quality benefits package for your company by leveraging its expertise in the HR and employee support spaces. Medical, dental, and vision insurance, retirement plans, pre-tax funding, and supplemental benefits are some options offered. With full benefits administration and employee perks from Aspen HR, your employees can enjoy a better experience.

We have offices in Austin, Dallas, and Richardson, TX, and our Texas-based teams are experts in all aspects of state law that relate to payroll and HR management. You can have peace of mind when working with Aspen HR, knowing trusted professionals are working to meet your needs and protect your company.

Aspen HR is Your Trusted Texas PEO

When you select Aspen HR as your Texas PEO, you’ll be delighted with our full-service, white-glove HR, payroll, and employee benefits. You’ll have an HR representative who will be your dedicated single point of contact – no hassling with a call center. We know you’ll be pleased with our obsessively responsive service, and we remain fully committed to helping your business prosper.

As an example of what Aspen HR can offer to your company, consider this case study where we mitigated risk and partnered with a private equity firm to provide a full suite of HR services for their security and convenience. By identifying multiple risk areas we were able to implement corrective actions to properly classify jobs, update outdated forms and non-compete agreements, and make HR processes more efficient.

Not only did we offer that company support, and opportunities to address their HR needs more easily, but we gave them something else that money just can’t buy—peace of mind.

Like the Aspen tree that is strong, resilient, and adaptable, growing in groves and remaining healthier together, we understand that a quality PEO must protect its clients from pitfalls and struggles. We focus on community and understand that strength in business comes from the relationships we build.

Ensuring you get the right PEO for your needs is vital to help your business grow and flourish. With our Texas-based team of professionals who are experts in Texas law, you can get the security and peace of mind you want for your small or medium-sized company. Contact us today to get the trusted PEO support you need and deserve.


Proven Track Record

$150k worth of cost savings: Life sciences venture fund

Operating across California and North Dakota, a life sciences venture fund was grappling with service issues from their then HR provider, which was a large national firm. They thus needed a new PEO partner that could manage their remote employees, who were scattered across multiple states.

Aspen HR’s white glove service model caught their attention, and the venture fund went on to make the switch. We then developed custom offerings for the firm, with which we proceeded to support their human resource operations.

The subsequent results were remarkable – as we raised their employee satisfaction rate and saved the company over $150k.

Nominated as partner-of-choice post-acquisition: Private equity firm in California

A California-based private equity firm was in the process of acquiring a home infusion company in Texas. During the due diligence phase, though, the buyer expressed concerns regarding potential HR risks on the side of the home infusion entity. It then sought Aspen HR’s expertise to evaluate the risks.

Aspen HR successfully identified multiple issues, including inefficient manual HR processes, invalid non-compete agreements, outdated forms, and job misclassifications. Consequently, the buyer engaged Aspen HR to implement corrective actions post-acquisition, making us the company’s long-term HR partner of choice.

Contact us today to learn how Aspen HR can help your Texas business expand, attract talent, manage benefits and achieve HR goals.