People Quotient Podcast: Building Authentic Employer Brands with Mark Sinatra

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Mark Sinatra, CEO at Aspen HR, recently had a great conversation with Rohit Bassi on his People Quotient podcast, where they discussed Building and Scaling Authentic Employer Brands.

Mark says it can be made easy by prioritizing these three things in the recruitment process: talent, attraction, and retention. He shares how to focus on your people, their hiring, and retention to be able to Build Authentic Brands and be the employer of choice.

Listen to the full episode:

0:00 – Chapter 1: Introduction
1:10 – Chapter 2: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
3:50 – Chapter 3: Running a People-Centric Business
6:50 – Chapter 4: How to Attract Top Talent To Build Authentic Brands
12:00 – Chapter 5: Talent Acquisition Process
15:57 – Chapter 6: Being Authentic and Transparency
19:50 – Chapter 7: CEO’s Choice: Working IN Vs ON the business
25:30 – Chapter 8: Identifying Future Talent Needs
29:10 – Chapter 9: CEOs Privilege: Setting Vision
31:08 – Chapter 10: Hiring Before Needed
35:20 – Chapter 11: Best Practice: Do and Don’t
39:10 – Chapter 12: Conclusion

We highly recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel to hear his conversations with other CEOs and Investors!

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