Case Study: Uncovering $30k Annual Savings + Streamlining ACA Compliance and Benefits Renewal

Property Management Firm in Texas
300+ Employees

The Situation

Previously, the client leveraged a third-party broker to manage their employee benefit offerings, while Aspen provided Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services encompassing payroll, HR compliance, HR technology, and workers’ compensation.

The client opted to designate Aspen as their new broker-of-record to achieve three things:

  1. A more proactive strategy for ensuring ACA compliance
  2. A more collaborative approach to the benefit renewal process
  3. Additional support for benefits administration


Through a comprehensive review, Aspen reconciled the client’s benefit records, identifying approximately $30,000 in annual savings attributable to inactive employees previously included on benefit carrier invoices.

To ensure ongoing cost-effectiveness, Aspen established a program of regular, consultative meetings to guide the client through future benefit renewals.

Furthermore, a collaborative effort with their team led to the development of a streamlined tool to significantly improve the efficiency of benefit reconciliations for each of their divisions, further solidifying Aspen’s commitment to exceeding client expectations.