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As a premier California-based professional employer organization, Aspen HR
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White-glove PEO services

Our strength lies in our team of highly specialized HR professionals.  We have offices in the Bay area and Los Angeles and are pleased to provide services to clients throughout California, in cities like San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, and many more.

When you partner with Aspen HR as your California PEO firm, you get white-glove services that’ll significantly reduce your employee turnover rate, cut operational costs, safeguard against workplace liabilities, ensure legal compliance, and streamline payroll management.

Take advantage of Aspen HR’s PEO expertise today to unlock growth for your California business.

Aspen HR is Headquartered in California

The Aspen HR Story

Since 2017, we’ve been the go-to PEO for emerging financial and professional services companies in California. They get to drive growth from our concierge-style outsourced human resource management services – which include payroll administration, employee benefits packages, HR compliance, training, and cutting-edge cloud technology.

At Aspen HR, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. As such, our California PEO services are always custom-tailored to your needs.

What is a Professional
Employer Organization?

A professional employer organization, or PEO, is your ticket to simplifying HR management. It provides a comprehensive range of HR and administrative services on a co-employment basis – meaning we assume employee administration tasks on your behalf.

And with your payroll processing, employee benefits administration, workers’ compensation, and HR compliance being handled by a high-level California PEO firm like Aspen HR, you’ll be left to focus on what truly matters – growing the business.


White-Glove California PEO Services


The SHRM and HRCI-certified professionals at Aspen HR offer unmatched expertise in all aspects of human resource management. This helps you optimize productivity levels, reduce operational costs, eliminate workflow inefficiencies, and retain top talent, all the while navigating California’s complex laws.

As you might have seen already, recruiting in California comes with multiple unique challenges – like restrictions on inquiries about criminal, credit, and salary histories. This is further topped off by stringent regulations on the use of employment eligibility verification systems.

Aspen HR has the knowledge and experience to work around all these complexities. You can count on our California PEO services to overcome the problems and optimize your entire human resource management funnel – from talent acquisition to performance management, employee relations, and remote work administration.


California’s unique state laws have also made payroll administration increasingly complex for employers.

Piece-rate and commission workers, for instance, are meant to receive minimum wage even for non-production engagements like preparation, waiting, training, and resting. The state additionally boasts some of the most generous paid family leave policies nationwide, with workers getting up to eight weeks of leave at 60-70% of regular wages.

Our payroll management services take these matters off your plate, freeing you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Aspen HR’s payroll experts are the ones who’ll do all the follow-ups on your behalf, as well as work out the wages, process payrolls, issue paychecks, and file the resultant payroll taxes.


Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork, and embrace the future of HR and payroll management with Aspen Cloud. Our cutting-edge web-based platform offers a seamless management experience through the employee lifecycle. This should save senior executives a lot of valuable time and effort.

Your team will have a centralized system for managing all the human resource functions. This is where you can access payroll data, track employee benefits, review timesheets, submit payroll, and view payroll status in real-time.


When a complex set of state laws intersect with multiple federal laws, workplaces transform into highly litigious environments that could easily land you into serious legal trouble.

For instance – if you forget to fill out the paperwork for workers’ compensation coverage, the state of California might press criminal charges. You could then end up paying fines up to $100,000.

Our professional employer organization protects you from these types of legal issues. You’ll be guided by attorneys who understand all the legal obligations attached to employment, social security, insurance programs, taxes, etc.

It’s this group of legal experts who’ll be handling your employee contracts and workplace policies to keep the entire business complianT.


While federal laws – like Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act – limit noneconomic damages for discrimination to $300,000, California allows for unlimited compensatory and punitive damages.

We’ve already seen businesses paying as much as $100 million to settle gender discrimination lawsuits. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

California alone accounts for over 11% of the employment discrimination suits nationwide. The state’s labor market itself is overlooked by double the number of regulatory bodies as other states, and they’re all out to catch you.

To help you manage all these risks, Aspen HR provides not only guidance, but also safety audits, training material, and contract administration.


Engaging a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Aspen HR can yield significant benefits for both employers and their staff. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), PEO services boost employee satisfaction and reduce the turnover rate by 14%.

You stand to achieve even better results with Aspen HR, as our California PEO services come with a comprehensive suite of employee benefits. We’ll manage your company’s health insurance covers, retirement plans, and employee allowances, among other perks.


Proven Track Record

At Aspen HR, we pride ourselves on a long track record of success, which is marked by numerous client testimonials and case studies. Here are two such instances:

$150k worth of cost savings: Life sciences venture fund

Operating across California and North Dakota, a life sciences venture fund was grappling with service issues from their then HR provider, which was a large national firm. They thus needed a new PEO partner that could manage their remote employees, who were scattered across multiple states. 

Aspen HR’s white glove service model caught their attention, and the venture fund went on to make the switch. We then developed custom offerings for the firm, with which we proceeded to support their human resource operations.  

The subsequent results were remarkable – as we raised their employee satisfaction rate and saved the company over $150k. 

Nominated as partner-of-choice post-acquisition: Private equity firm in California

A California-based private equity firm was in the process of acquiring a home infusion company in Texas. During the due diligence phase, though, the buyer expressed concerns regarding potential HR risks on the side of the home infusion entity. It then sought Aspen HR’s expertise to evaluate the risks.

Aspen HR successfully identified multiple issues, including inefficient manual HR processes, invalid non-compete agreements, outdated forms, and job misclassifications. Consequently, the buyer engaged Aspen HR to implement corrective actions post-acquisition, thereby immediately mitigating further HR risk.

Make Aspen HR Your California PEO

Don’t let HR challenges slow down your business growth. Join the ranks of satisfied Aspen HR clients who have cut costs, reduced employee turnover, and enhanced legal compliance. Contact us today and let AspenHR guide you toward a hassle-free HR experience.