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Top 5 Tips for Companies to Make Remote Work a Success

09 20 2020

At this very moment, remote work is not just a benefit; it’s a vital tool in many companies’ business continuity plans. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a vast number of employees to face the challenge of working from home. So how can you make remote work a success?

Here are Aspen HR’s top 5 tips for a successful transition to a fully-remote business environment.



Utilizing regular reports is essential—and the first and most important rule for operating remotely. Being transparent about what you’re working on helps everyone know where they stand, prevents overlaps and miscommunications, and allows managers to make quick agenda fixes when necessary.



Just because you aren’t physically together, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet (virtually). At Aspen HR, we make sure that direct reports have at least one weekly video call. It not only allows us to understand any issues that may arise, but it is also an excellent way for team members to communicate suggestions of improvements or feedback that can sometimes be challenging to formalize in the emails.



While the right technologies and policies help, the truth is that the very employees who make the business go are a primary avenue of risk. General work from home and remote work policies on computer and internet use can help. These policies can be enforced with both technical and administrative controls. Work on a secure network to ensure you aren’t violating confidentiality or unnecessarily exposing your work to others. Make sure that your IT group is expanding VPN bandwidth to handle more remote access.



It’s easy to fall into a sitting, typing, and eating routine. Instead, if you’re able, get up at least every 90 minutes and move. Try taking half of your meetings standing up. Chase your kids around in a quick game of tag. Staying physically active keeps your brain busy too.

There are a lot of intuitive actions that can make remote work more comfortable, but there are some less intuitive steps too:

  • Take things in bite-size quantities;
  • Organize your days as if you were heading into an office (with allowances for child care, if needed) and keep your mind and body active;
  • Don’t forget to be patient with yourself and partners as everyone adjusts to a new normal.



Nowadays, remote workers don’t get to experience the same interactions they used to have in the office and don’t get the same kind of praise or acknowledgment for their accomplishments. They don’t get to participate in the company parties or outings. They’re not in the same room anymore when the company hits major milestones worth celebrating. Consequently, it is essential to keep your remote employees feeling like they are still a part of the team, even while remote.

In the know about significant business accomplishments, praise their achievements from afar, and keep them feeling like they’re part of the team even while remote. For example, host monthly happy hours on Friday afternoons together to keep everyone engaged.


Contact us to learn more on how we are advising our clients to make the most out of the new world of remote work.